Technology and Skills

A committed family of professionals

LocateGlobal TechSource Limited is established having profound consultancy provided by excellent scientists and engineers with long experiences in the field of high technology.
Some of our scientist members have also worked for important labs such as our partner Dr. Cheng Shi Chen, formally working on China Iron, Taiwan, and then researcher in University of Cambridge, an excellent export on materials science & metallurgy, worked as the director of R&D at CMC of Foxconn (2006-2013), Iphone maker for Apple products.

Meet the founders

Our Managing Director, Dr. Chih Lo, who is based on in Cambridge, obtained two doctorates, in the UK one of the two specialised in Engineering and Design, on managed relationships with clients and suppliers in the United Kingdom and Europe before leaving to head LGTS in 2011.
She is a member of Midlands Enterprise Europe Network in 2006, an affiliate of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB).

Our clients value our proven capability for reliable budget-target supply

Old and new partners gain tremendously from our lean structure and rapid decision making.
We pride ourselves on being a key factor of the competitiveness of our clients who source parts and products globally either for domestic redistribution or as inputs into their own production.
Our clients value our proven capability for reliable budget-target supply, analysis on production cycles, reliable delivery and after-sales service.