LGTS Products

LGTS offers varied range of Products

LGTS offers Products

LGTS offers varied range of equipment and tools, materials, parts and machinery that are used for chemical, medicine, energy, mining and automotive industries.

  • Tools and equipment for laboratories
  • Equipment and materials for energy, medical, chemical, and mining industry
  • jumbo bags, roadblock, packing, transportation, security devices and uniforms
  • cooper, oil, gas, steel pipes, hoses, and fittings
  • Machinery for industrial manufacturing
  • CNE pipe bending, rolling and cutting machines
  • Electronic and electric components and parts for automobiles, computers, audio and video products
  • cords, cables, terminals, GPS products, IC, resistors, capacitors, TFT LCD,
  • LCM, PCB, connectors, crystals, etc.
  • High-technology products
  • vacuum electron sources, PVD coating technology and supply for home
  • appliances, consumer electronics products, medical instruments and tools
LGTS > Techology
LGTS > Techology